Water shadows. I know that's not what they're called, but that's what I named them. After getting out of my neighbor's pool, I would watch the water that was tossed from my feet out in front of me on the pavement. Water shadows. 

I knew if I hurried out front, and flattened myself against the hot sidewalk, I could make my first water shadow. After a moment, I would stand up, look at the design of me made of water, then moved forward to make another. I would continue on and on down the sidewalk until the shadow had become so small, it finally disappeared. 

My favorite kind of day was when my dad was mowing the lawn. Probably not what he enjoyed most, but it made my summer day one to remember. I remember how the blades of grass would fly onto the edges of the sidewalk, and as I walked across them, they stuck to my feet. Grass shoes.

Life seemed better in a wet swimsuit. My hair stuck to my head, and smelled of chlorine. The rich smell of freshly cut grass was matched by the sun that would drench my back. With a piece of chalk, I would design my hopscotch squares. I wanted these days to last forever. 

I could see my mom through the kitchen window, and I was certain she was making something warm and delicious that would be waiting for me. All was well. 

Normal days. That's what it's about. Some focus on the magic of Christmas, or a loud birthday party, but what I treasure most are the memories in the corner of my mind...normal days. Connecting these together, one after another is what has made up the story of my life. These are the days I will relive in my mind and recall them as wonderful.

My kids have normal days. They also celebrate holidays. I mustn't overlook the mystery and value of a child's surroundings as he drinks in his family, his world. To give them normal days filled with wonder to create the story of their life is my hope. I know that just like the water shadows on the sidewalk, life moves on. The days are numbered, and will one day disappear. I want my children to follow my example, my trail of water shadows, continuing such joy to generations ahead.