It didn't scare me, it was where I wanted to be. The storm held the drama, so that's where you'd find me. When I heard the sound of the rain pounding on the roof, I ran through the front door, across the lawn and into the center of the street. My hair would slowly wrap around my head, and stick to my face, as my clothes began to feel like armor that draped across me. The wind pushed and pulled, I laughed. I danced. 

There's something magical about a dance in the rain. The unpredictable winds, matched by the inescapable down poor, it's all good. The finale was the best, as I would watch the rainbow wrap across the sky, I was reminded. I knew He was reminded. I smiled.

I now watch my kids run into the storm. Thoughts go through my mind as I watch them dance of the extra laundry, and puddles on the floor that would be ahead, but the dance is worth it. They are fearless in the storm, it's all good.

Pointing their eyes to the arch in the sky, I want them to be reminded. 

No matter how hard the storm may blow, they can trust, they can know, they can dance. The rainbow, although untouchable, is something they can hold onto. They can trust him through any storm that he brings. He has made a promise, and they can dance.

People often long for what's at the end of the rainbow, or somewhere over it, but for me, it's somewhere under the rainbow. That's where you'll find me.