While driving through my new neighborhood, I noticed a Cafe on the corner with a 24 hour sign posted in the front. It's good to know. There is a place to go, no matter what the hour, if the need arises.  

Sometimes we might find ourselves out, hungry, thirsty, or just needing to rest when most are asleep. Those 24 hour signs, become bright spots on a dark night. 

My oldest knows I'm here. There have been times when he has come to wake me because he needs to talk. I'm thankful. Just knowing that he has chosen me to talk with, to ask, and to discuss life with is more than enough to put my sleep off. After our midnight talks, I fall asleep in tears, so thankful for this blessing.

Our older children especially, might not call on us when we're at our finest and in peak energy. Teenagers are known for late hours, and a sudden desire to talk when the lights go out. It is our choice to be open 24 hours a day, or not. 

We must realize that we don't only have needs that must be met during regular business hours. Our Lord is there for us no matter what the hour. What a privilege to know He doesn't make us wait until morning. He is always there for us. 

If it is our goal to give our children a tiny glimpse of the God they will be leaning on throughout their lives, what kind of sign should be posted out in front of us?