Do these jeans make me look fat? Do you think I’m gaining weight? I have nothing to wear that looks good on me!

Oh, how easy it is to focus on me and to fill the conversations with my husband on this subject. How many times has he had to carefully answer these questions, and reassure me that I’m okay?

Very few of us have the type of body that remains firm and thin through the many changes of womanhood. Yet, this mustn’t overtake our thoughts and our words.

This is a burden we place on our husbands needlessly. A sure way to make ourselves less beautiful in our husband's eyes is to continually be self absorbed and obsessed about our outward appearance. Filling his mind with words about how we think we're not looking good, creates an ugliness we don’t want.

If we need to lose weight, we should just do it happily for our Lord. Our priority should be on our hearts and attitude, with our eyes on those around us, not on ourselves. 

We must change our tune. When tempted to grumble about our looks and body, we should fill our minds and conversations with thankfulness. There is plenty to be thankful for.

Better to be fat and happy, than almost thin and cranky.

Our thankfulness and joy will make us more beautiful before our husbands, and will not insult the Creator who adores us as we are.