Little milk bottles halfway filled can be found on the floor of my closet. I wouldn't recommend opening them, as they were dropped by little hands some time ago. As she comes to me for more, I begin my search. Trying to find a clean bottle in the kitchen drawers can be a scavenger hunt. Finding each piece is not easy. There is a feeling of accomplishment when I am able to put one together, fill it up, and hand it over to the little one that needs the constant refill.

It would be entirely possible for me to remain in the kitchen throughout the day, and never leave. Their hunger is constant, and their thirst is never completely satisfied. Multiplying these needs by six provides a picture of the constant feeding and serving that is needed.

They keep coming back. Once is not enough. God has designed it this way. No doubt this is a representation of our hunger for Him. He wants us to continually come to Him to be filled up with His peace. It's a daily need, a constant thirst that He wants to quench for us...again and again. He has designed us to need Him every moment.

A bottle half filled with sour milk found elsewhere was never meant for us to drink. He's waiting. Be filled.