We women are pretty handy with our household weapons. A roll of duct tape and a glue gun can accomplish much. It seems with some clever ingenuity we are capable of securing items around the house with our fast fixing tools. If a handle pops off the drawer, or the dishwasher isn’t latching right, we come to the rescue with our tool chest. Fully knowing that it’s only a temporary, jimmy-rigged solution, we like to hold things together. If there is a hole, we must fill it. Even beyond items that aren’t holding up around the house, if something is lacking, we jump in, and fill in.

It’s natural for us to want to help, this is God’s design. Yet, we can tend to even fill in for our husbands. If a husband is quiet at a dinner party, his wife is sure to make all conversations complete with the guests. If he isn’t especially helpful around the house, she busies herself and keeps the home up alone, which only encourages him to not be involved. If he struggles with cheerfulness or disciplining with the children she keeps the atmosphere up for the family, and is the commander of the rules. If he isn’t leading the way she would like to see him lead, she jumps into his shoes and leads the family. Each time, he has been robbed of some of his manhood, she is certain to fall, and can take everyone down with her.

We rush in to carry. We fill in. If something in the relationship is lacking, we rush in with our quick fix solutions. Problem is, over time our jimmy-rigged solutions eventually crumble. We are designed to help, not to carry. If we become confused in our roles, we will crumble.

Carrying not only hurts us, but denies our men the privilege of growing. If we jump in, he looses the chance to be the man God designed him to be. He belongs on the field, we get to cheer him on.

Lay your weapons down, have your hands open and ready for some serious cheering.