Situating myself in the leather seat, he proceeded to place the instruments in front of me. As I looked through the tiny holes, I made my first attempt at reading the letter chart that was lit up across the room. After some time, the doctor sat back and sighed sympathetically. Apparently, I was not his normal case. As he wondered how I have managed, I became more thankful that I had come.

Later as I walked from his office I felt as though I was in the center of a high definition movie. I could see. All was clear, and so beautiful. Now I  wondered.

How does this happen? As time passes, we find ourselves adjusting to a sort of "new normal." I've seen this in marriages I have observed. Couples can tend to settle for a level in marriage that is far less than God ever intended.

Sins that repeat in a relationship and aren't cleaned up quickly, cause pain and seem to slowly blur the picture of marriage as it should be. After years pass, they find themselves in a routine that is void of seeing clearly and living in the joy, passion and love that was intended. Their view is limited, and life seems unclear as they are missing out on the blessings meant for them.

We must sit in that leather chair, and allow our Lord to show us what we cannot see. Clearing up the clutter of sins that dim our view, and loving the right way, is necessary. We must not settle. Corrections must be made as we lay our lives down for each other daily. Apologies and forgiveness are not options. This is God's design. 

It is only then that we will actually be able to truly see. There are blessings designed for us in marriage, that we don't want to miss.