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Little milk bottles halfway filled can be found on the floor of my closet. I wouldn't recommend opening them, as they were dropped by little hands some time ago. As she comes to me for more, I begin my search. Trying to find a clean bottle in the kitchen drawers can be a scavenger hunt. Finding each piece is not easy. There is a feeling of accomplishment when I am able to put one together, fill it up, and hand it over to the little one that needs the constant refill.

It would be entirely possible for me to remain in the kitchen throughout the day, and never leave. Their hunger is constant, and their thirst is never completely satisfied. Multiplying these needs by six provides a picture of the constant feeding and serving that is needed.

They keep coming back. Once is not enough. God has designed it this way. No doubt this is a representation of our hunger for Him. He wants us to continually come to Him to be filled up with His peace. It's a daily need, a constant thirst that He wants to quench for us...again and again. He has designed us to need Him every moment.

A bottle half filled with sour milk found elsewhere was never meant for us to drink. He's waiting. Be filled.
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He would lift me up so high, I was sure my head would hit the ceiling. It didn't. I might never understand why, because I was sure I was flying much higher than the house. The sudden drop was the most unexpected. Sometimes I would plunge so far it seemed that I would definitely hit bottom. Yet, close as it seemed, I never touched the ground. It was okay. I was in his hands.

To fly is what I long for. To laugh so hard that I can barely breathe is what I wish would last. Yet, there are sudden drops that bring me to tears. My fear of falling causes me to look down, and outweighs my trust.

However, if my eyes remain on Him, whether flying or falling, my joy remains unchanged. I am in His hands. That's all that matters.

Life is a ride. Choose joy. It all takes place in the grip of His hands.
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I have six. They don’t know it. To them, with me, they are the only one. Not sure how it happened, but I have six that are one.

Nobody told me what was ahead on my motherhood journey. They couldn’t. How could they know? This is a climb that has to be experienced in order to truly understand. What will it be like tomorrow? What's up ahead? What will happen along the way? Even though I couldn't see, my trust has always been in Him.

I have chosen to spend the past nineteen years completely devoted to them. Daily sacrifices that I have made for them were an honor. I wouldn't change a thing. Along the way I have found some random truths. Sometimes they don’t like car seats. And for some reason a stinky mood is more contagious than the common cold. I have also found that nursing a baby in the middle of the night, when everyone else is asleep, brings a sort of quiet celebration. 

It’s a climb. It’s the kind of climb that has required getting dirty. I have found that most has been needed of me when I have felt I had the least to offer. This is when the magic begins. I have seen the beauty, and listened to the laughter that only a child can share. I have felt a warm baby wrapped in a towel after a bath, and seen a toddler run to me to be held in my arms.

Farther along now, I have had the privilege to sneak a peek. I've had a glimpse at the wonder. As if the blessings along the way weren't enough, God has more ahead. You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

My oldest son just came in to check on me, with a coffee in hand. He knew I had a rough day. He asked if I was okay, picked up my youngest from my lap, cuddled her in his arms, and left me in peaceful quiet. I have six. I am one. I'm outnumbered, and it's good.

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