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Heading home, I had to merge onto the freeway. The cars were racing by me as the kids were calling from the backseat. His voice was in my ear. With my cel phone tucked in my pocket, the chord strung through my jacket, my earphones made it seem as though he was sitting right beside me. He was listening. I knew he was there. I couldn't see him, but even in the crazy we were together. That's all that mattered.

I remember a time when I would sit in the corner of my quiet room, with my Bible in my lap, and journal right beside me. Uninterrupted, I could find my Lord there.

Now, with a house full of six children, quiet rarely exists. There is much to do, and so many assuming I have enough ears to hear them all, and the aptitude to answer skillfully. Busy and noise follow me. Tasks and routines seem to lead the way.

If there is no quiet, is it imposible to spend time with our Lord? Could it be our quest to find Him in the midst of the clutter and crazy that fill our days? After all, what makes a day victorious and successful only comes when we are in constant communication with Him. Our closeness with Him is paramount. 

We are heading home, and sometimes need to travel on the freeway. Find him, even there.

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Nobody wanted to stop it. I did. There was no way to control it without stepping into it, no matter how crazy it seemed. Being seven, it was with great courage that I ran to the center, and turned the water off. 

I spent days in the summer on the front lawn. My neighbor and I would dance in the water as the random swinging sprinkler bounced across the grass shooting water in every unexpected direction. The higher we turned up the water, the more berserk it would move. If we wanted to redirect it, or switch it off, we had to get wet. The only way to grab it and move it was by running directly into the water. I suppose turning off the water would have been as effective, but there were times when it was so out of control that it was moving toward something it shouldn't. We had to stop it. It needed to be redirected, and the only way we could do it was by running into the center of the downpour.

Watching over children is no different. When they become filled with happy, and are playing hard, it's not uncommon for things to unravel, to get out of control. When kids clash with each other, it's tempting to run the other direction, hoping it will just simmer down on its own. Being called to the position of judge and jury is one that is easy to want to avoid.

I have found however, that the only way to bring peace to the crazy is by running directly into it. Avoiding it is pointless. Moving into the center of the downpour, and redirecting or stopping the problem brings peace, and protects what must stay dry.

Children can run into every unexpected direction. We are called to have courage, and to be willing to get a bit soaked as we direct them. We must be determined to run into the center of the downpour, as it's the only place to keep dry.
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