Some are stainless steel, cold and grey. Most aren't. Mine is covered with magnets that hold pictures of their smiles. Displaying sporadic times of days gone by, my refrigerator shows who we are.

While visiting friends homes, I grab a quick glimpse of them by the face of the refrigerator. Their identity is there, for all to see.

I've been asked if I know who I am, if I have the chance to explore what I'm all about. Do I get time to be alone in order to find myself? Have I lost myself in motherhood?

My son recently came up with a new name for me, "Refrig-a-mom." Makes sense. My six children stick to me like magnets. It's rare to see me alone anywhere in the house. I move about surrounded by little people, big questions, and small arms that wrap around me.

People can ask if I know who I am, or they can look at the pictures that represent me, that cling to me like magnets. They show who I am, my identity is there for all to see.