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Covered with toys, pressed by running feet, and surrounded by noise and chaos, it mysteriously offered him a place of peace and rest. There is something about the center of our living room rug that has consistantly been inviting to him. The kids continue in their ruckus as their Daddy closes his eyes and slumbers in the center of the storm. No need for quieting his surroundings, he sleeps in the crazy.

The kids knew that with the raise of his hand, they would settle, but until then, the house could continue to rock.

What it must have looked like when the disciples ran around the boat screaming in their panic as the waves crashed, and winds blew. Where was our Lord? Where did they find him? He had found a spot in the bottom of the boat, and slumbered in the center of the crazy. Fully capable of raising his hand, and instantly calming the storm, he chose to let it be, and he slept.

I can relate to the panic of the disciples as I rest in bed at night. The storm of life seems to crash all around me, and my thoughts blow through my mind like a mighty wind. Where can I go? 

In the deep hours of the night I make my way to the bottom of the boat, and rest beside him. I know that he created the wind that blows, and the storm that is surrounding me. Yet, I rest beside him and let the storm blow, and trust in him to raise his hand when it's time. He will settle those waves that crash against me, but for now, he settles me in the storm.

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She sits alone in a room filled with silence. Her mind takes her back through pages of memories, covered with all she has done through the past ninety seven years. Busy days spent completing lists, accomplishing goals, achieving dreams and doing tasks are behind her.

Always having found her value and pride in all she has done, she slips into despair. Unable to do, all that is left now is to be. Is that enough? Is being enough for me?

I can think of my Grandma and clearly see how she became lost in performance instead of knowing that our Lord loved her just because she was. I think of her as I busily hi-light the tasks on my list. I am humbled, and reminded. 

Doing is important, there is much we can do to please our Lord. Likewise, there is something wonderful in being who God made us to be, and simply enjoying his presence. We are enough as we are. 

Focusing on him, and just being his child, enjoying his presence through our days pleases him. Remembering the importance of being gives us value and purpose that will fill our pages with sweetness, and never end.

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She twirled. Dressed in pink, with arms stretched out and her chin high, she twirled. Only five, it didn't take much for her to lose her balance anyhow, so spinning was a challenge. Yet, in ballet class she was taught to twirl.

Her feet, hidden inside tights and slippers, seemed somehow confused, and became almost tangled. The more she spun around, the further across the room she would go. Losing balance her form unraveled, knees bent, and she tumbled to the floor.

Her gentle teacher grabbed her hand, lifted her to her feet and pointed up to the picture at the highest point in the room. Being reminded of where her eyes were to be as she twirled, in order to keep balance, she started again.

With every turn, she now only focused on the picture she was told to lock her eyes on. She no longer roamed aimlessly across the room, but with every twirl she returned where she belonged, and kept her balance.

Where are our eyes? Do we look up to the highest point, in order to keep our balance? If not, we know that our gentle teacher will grab our hands, lift us to our feet, and remind us where to lock our eyes, and we will start to twirl.

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To my eyes, it was perfect. After spending hours moving furniture and reorganizing their room, I shined up their shelves, hung their art back on the wall, and stood back to take it all in. Oh, so proud of a job well done.

Viewing the openness as a sort of blank canvas, my little guys rushed in and began grabbing their treasures from their boxes. Within moments there were miniature skateboards, tiny eraser people, model airplanes, toy trucks and blocks gathered tightly across their dressers and windowsills. Amazing. The quickest infestation I have possibly ever witnessed first hand.

My initial response? Not good. My repaired response was one of helping my boys to creatively keep their room looking pleasing, while being careful to let them be boys with some domain.

If they are to learn how to be responsible for their space and their stuff, not to mention enjoy them, showing and teaching, followed by not jumping back in to do it myself, offers something they can keep forever.

As I learn to embrace the fact that tiny little eraser people are an important part of the decor, I will learn to enjoy what makes my boys so happy.

Someday these little treasures won't be lining the shelves, but I hope my boys will leave me one, in order to help me remember what matters.

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She wanted to see. She knew her eggs were cooking, but the knowledge alone just wasn't enough. Not being able to overcome her curiosity, she grabbed the handle of the pan and attempted to peak at what was inside.

She proceeded to pour eggs all over her body. Thankfully, they weren't hot enough to burn her skin, yet the experience definitely burned a lesson in her mind that she won't soon forget.

We know better, yet sometimes our knowledge isn't enough. We grab the handle, and we learn.

He doesn't make up rules to keep something from us, but to protect us, and to offer us joy.

The eggs are cooking. Leave the pan alone.
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We can float along thinking we will have no problem as the water is moving nicely in the direction we want to go. We can see it. Our destination is right before us, and with anticipation covered in peace, we sit back. A canoe ride in the sun...perfect.

Almost instantly, a stream of water can appear on each side coming into the flow. Disruptive, rough and seemingly uncontrolled, panic can set in. Knowing this can change our direction, toss us about, and bring us somewhere we never intended to go, we want to fight.

The choice is ours. Do we set our paddles in the water and battle the current, refusing to go, or will we let go? Do we know who brought the current? Do we trust Him?

We must rest our oars on our laps, and trust. Our lives are filled with such twists, turns and changes. He brings it all. Once we stop fighting so hard, we can be filled with His peace.

Do we believe that we might actually prefer what He has hidden around the next bend for us?  We must let go in order to enjoy the ride.

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