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Written so long ago, it had time to find its way into the bottom of a box, deep in the archives of the garage. As I read it through this old letter, I slowly became draped in embarrassment. I realized how years can offer wisdom.

Filled with sappy, sticky words, it made me feel as though I needed a tall glass of water to wash down the sweetness. I wonder if it affected him the same way. Sounding much like a country love song, it was clear my emotions were in the forefront.

Along the way I have come to understand the words he longs to hear. There are words that fill him up like food, those that he would starve without. Writing out my respect for him, and what he does lifts him. Since he finds his confidence in his accomplishments and abilities, expressing my respect for these is what matters most.

For me, I like the sappy, the romantic, the sentimental words. Designed differently by our creator, we must be aware of what will build each other up.

As I watch my daughter begin to draft a sweet letter to her Daddy, I take the opportunity to already begin to show her how to honor him, and someday her husband.

Hallmark is focused on us women, clearly. May we break away from the sticky words made of honey and bring on the meat.
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It was usually found on the shelves right next to the cash register. I suppose they were carefully placed their at eye level for the little ones that would come by and were forced to stand in line.

It came in a little plastic egg. This putty, so simple, made me happy until it was dropped too many times on the carpet.

I remember stretching it so far that the middle would begin to waver, and if pulled long enough the sides would separate, and then there were two.

I have watched as marriages around me are stretched so thin, that the bond has broken, and now they are two.

It seems there is a time when couples get stretched because of sins that have become routine between them. Respecting, sacrificing, loving and forgiveness no longer exist, and they become separate.

Some permanently leave, and try to find happiness alone. Others remain together, yet are never truly one.

Life pulls. If pulled long enough, there will be two.
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There should be a rule that temper tantrums and petty arguments cannot happen before a mom has her morning coffee. It would be impossible for me to put out so much energy so early in the day, not for them. It almost seems that the morning fog that blurs their minds only intensifies the ridiculousness of the battle. I suppose foolishness knows no clock.

Sin happens. Children can quickly get tangled, and are unable to break themselves loose. It's easy to become irritated by the crankiness, and find ourselves quickly becoming tangled as well. In these times we are simply unqualified to help them. We can only offer help in those moments that we are not emotionally involved, like in the morning fog.

As I try to figure out who was playing with it first, and attempt to bring joy back to the bunch, I smile. The random arguments must be seen for what they are, a pure comedy of foolishness. If I don't see it that way, back to bed I go.  
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