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Covered with toys, pressed by running feet, and surrounded by noise and chaos, it mysteriously offered him a place of peace and rest. There is something about the center of our living room rug that has consistantly been inviting to him. The kids continue in their ruckus as their Daddy closes his eyes and slumbers in the center of the storm. No need for quieting his surroundings, he sleeps in the crazy.

The kids knew that with the raise of his hand, they would settle, but until then, the house could continue to rock.

What it must have looked like when the disciples ran around the boat screaming in their panic as the waves crashed, and winds blew. Where was our Lord? Where did they find him? He had found a spot in the bottom of the boat, and slumbered in the center of the crazy. Fully capable of raising his hand, and instantly calming the storm, he chose to let it be, and he slept.

I can relate to the panic of the disciples as I rest in bed at night. The storm of life seems to crash all around me, and my thoughts blow through my mind like a mighty wind. Where can I go? 

In the deep hours of the night I make my way to the bottom of the boat, and rest beside him. I know that he created the wind that blows, and the storm that is surrounding me. Yet, I rest beside him and let the storm blow, and trust in him to raise his hand when it's time. He will settle those waves that crash against me, but for now, he settles me in the storm.

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When I heard the loud crack come from their bedroom, I knew they had chosen to use the last one in their box. Night surrounded them, so this was the best time to break it, and use it to light up the darkness. Those crazy little glow sticks had spent the full day in their hands as they would hunch over them in the back seat of the car, or run into a closet, or find a dark space in the garage. When it was snapped in the center, the light was able to show through, and brighten up their way. Once broken, it worked.

It is frustrating to be in a period of time where we can't seem to get to the light. The worries of life can overtake us. Feelings of panic can even come upon us as we try to rest at night. How can we continue if we feel so broken?

Like the loud crack I heard from their bedroom, when we have the privilege of becoming broken, God is able to light up the darkness. He can then show through, be our strength, and light up our way. Something happens that is a mystery to us, as there is a certain glory that shines through brokenness, as we become filled with his strength. Once broken, we are strong.  
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Situating myself in the leather seat, he proceeded to place the instruments in front of me. As I looked through the tiny holes, I made my first attempt at reading the letter chart that was lit up across the room. After some time, the doctor sat back and sighed sympathetically. Apparently, I was not his normal case. As he wondered how I have managed, I became more thankful that I had come.

Later as I walked from his office I felt as though I was in the center of a high definition movie. I could see. All was clear, and so beautiful. Now I  wondered.

How does this happen? As time passes, we find ourselves adjusting to a sort of "new normal." I've seen this in marriages I have observed. Couples can tend to settle for a level in marriage that is far less than God ever intended.

Sins that repeat in a relationship and aren't cleaned up quickly, cause pain and seem to slowly blur the picture of marriage as it should be. After years pass, they find themselves in a routine that is void of seeing clearly and living in the joy, passion and love that was intended. Their view is limited, and life seems unclear as they are missing out on the blessings meant for them.

We must sit in that leather chair, and allow our Lord to show us what we cannot see. Clearing up the clutter of sins that dim our view, and loving the right way, is necessary. We must not settle. Corrections must be made as we lay our lives down for each other daily. Apologies and forgiveness are not options. This is God's design. 

It is only then that we will actually be able to truly see. There are blessings designed for us in marriage, that we don't want to miss.

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She came running into my bedroom when it was still dark outside. Jumping onto my bed she became frustrated that she couldn't see my face. After a short time, her eyes adjusted. She shouted with joy that once again my face could be seen. She gently rubbed my cheek and said, "Face."

When it's dark, we can feel lost. Nothing is clear. Through hard times we can even panic, feeling alone in the darkness. Sometimes we wonder if our God is still there, wondering why.

Like my daughter, we reach out into the darkness and our eyes adjust. We find that our Lord is right in front of us, smiling as He knows why. He cares for us, and writes our story in the brightest sun, and the darkest night.

We can shout for joy. He is there. Our eyes will adjust, and the darkness will subside as His smiling face breaks through.
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Proverbs 4:23
"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."

I didn't think to look through his backpack. As usual, before we travel, he shovels in piles from his toy box to bring along. 

While making our way through security at the airport, I noticed they pulled his bag aside, and put it through the scanner multiple times. Concerned with what was inside, they put it on a table, opened it, and slowly sifted through the various toys he had packed.

They pulled a magical wand from his bag and inspected it as though it carried special powers. After discussing it with each other, they broke the news to us, that we could not take it with us. Made sense, safe travels is what we're looking for.

Before we try to go to sleep at night, it's important to walk through security. What thoughts are we carrying in the backpacks of our mind that could be damaging to us? We need to sift through what we have with us, and be willing to toss out what could cause us harm, stress, or anxiety.

We must be left with random toys, and cheerful thoughts that allow us to travel safely to sleep. 

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Hearing the Lego crash once again, I peeked into the room. There he stood, completely distraught. His baby sister was sitting beside him with a guilty grin on her face. She had done it. 

After lifting my little destroyer from the scene, I turned to my son. Like before, I've encouraged him to continue loving her, even though right then he didn't feel like it. I realize how hard it must be for him at times to do what he knows to be right when his heart is not in it.  Yet loving her, is what's required.

When my husband walks through the door, I know what is right. I know what I'd like to offer. To be a wife that greets him with happy. To be ready to hear about his day, encourage him, laugh with him and love him completely. My head knows what to do. 

Likewise, as I look at the children around me, there is much I know I should do. But, what if I don't want to change that diaper, clean up the spilled milk again or fold yet another load of laundry? What if I don't feel like it? Does that mean I can switch gears, and follow my feelings, rather than my head?

The heart follows the head. Doing what is right is what will cause the feelings to flow more positively than I could imagine. Waiting until I feel good enough by my own standard to fulfill my roll, only stops the blessings, the joy, and the relationships with those around me.

We've been given an example of how this is to be. Our Lord was not thrilled with the idea of dying on the cross. He spent a whole night overwhelmed with strong feelings of not wanting the next day to come. He was even sweating blood. Luke 22:42 says, "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done." 

He was asking for relief from what God wanted of Him. Yet, not letting his feelings be his guide, he obeyed, he gave. After his death, his resurrection came. This is the picture we've been given. If we want to truly live, we have to die. 

As we look at our husbands and children, what should we do? We know. 

If we don't feel like it, and refuse to give, we miss out on the huge happy life He has designed for us.

There are Legos on the floor. How do we feel?
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I would look forward to hearing her little sounds in the night. I knew that when she needed  me in those dark hours, I would be able to sit, hold her, and drink in her wonder.

The smell of her skin was intoxicating. I would stroke her hair, and feel her tiny hand tightly grip my finger. I became lost in her. As she found all that she needed in my presence, I found my delight in her. She had done nothing  to deserve my deep affection. She just was. 

Softly singing over her, so thankful for such moments, she would quietly drift back to sleep.

As mothers, we have the privilege to truly rejoice over our infants with all that we are. These moments cannot be forgotten. We know what it is to sing over one that we love. 

Zephaniah 3:17 says, "The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."

Are we listening? Do we hear?
We have done nothing to deserve His deep affection. We just are. We can rest, listen to His singing, and find all that we need in His presence. 
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Do these jeans make me look fat? Do you think I’m gaining weight? I have nothing to wear that looks good on me!

Oh, how easy it is to focus on me and to fill the conversations with my husband on this subject. How many times has he had to carefully answer these questions, and reassure me that I’m okay?

Very few of us have the type of body that remains firm and thin through the many changes of womanhood. Yet, this mustn’t overtake our thoughts and our words.

This is a burden we place on our husbands needlessly. A sure way to make ourselves less beautiful in our husband's eyes is to continually be self absorbed and obsessed about our outward appearance. Filling his mind with words about how we think we're not looking good, creates an ugliness we don’t want.

If we need to lose weight, we should just do it happily for our Lord. Our priority should be on our hearts and attitude, with our eyes on those around us, not on ourselves. 

We must change our tune. When tempted to grumble about our looks and body, we should fill our minds and conversations with thankfulness. There is plenty to be thankful for.

Better to be fat and happy, than almost thin and cranky.

Our thankfulness and joy will make us more beautiful before our husbands, and will not insult the Creator who adores us as we are.   

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Isaiah 26:3
"You will keep him in perfect peace. Whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You."

It was bedtime, but the sun was still out. It was summer. Resting in my bed I watched the sun shine through the sides of my window shades. My window was wide open and the breeze would pull the shade to the screen, then release it again. The sounds from the neighbors house poured into my room. I smiled. 

My neighbors had a pool, and it seemed when it was time for me to go to bed, their fun began. I listened to the splashing, the laughter, the sounds of plastic plates and tin cans against their tables. There was no cause for fear, no mysteries in the quiet. I was in the center of a party. No one knew I was there, but I was a participant none the less. 

Winter brought quiet, darkness, and windows that were closed. Silence and shadows left just enough space for my imagination to fill the room. Sleep waited. Without the story being told to me as I would drift off, it was my turn to create. Where would I go? What would I choose?

God offers peace. Every night is in His design. If my mind is fixed on Him, peace and joy encompass me. When my mind slips, I fall. If allowed, my fears and anxieties will put on a party around my bed. The choice is mine.

Summer shows what winter can offer, if I'm listening. There is no silence with God. No darkness that threatens to overtake. The splashing of the summer water clings to my mind, reminders of the sun that is promised in the frozen winter.

I will leave my window open. There is no cause for fear, no mysteries in the quiet. I'm in the center of a party, and He knows I'm here. 
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