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"When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich?"....I was just a little girl, but the question mattered. I loved to be told that I was a pretty little girl. Pretty mattered. It matters to all of us. Why? We know the power of pretty.

Growing into our teen years is not a smooth transition. These years bring braces, acne, and the sudden need for makeup. Drinking diet soda and eating diet bars in order to keep our jeans fitting our changing figures, we know that pretty is paramount. 

When we enter motherhood, pregnancy affects our pretty. Something about the extra pounds we acquire, along with skin and hair changes, we feel less pretty.

As we look ahead to the wonder years, I am certain we will be offered creams, hair color, and diet programs that we can invest in. These are small attempts to hold onto pretty as long as possible. I have seen some older women, desperately trying to hold on...and it's not pretty.

My girls now look up at me, with a diet soda in hand, and ask..."Will I be pretty?"...Oh yes, I want to teach them that they will be pretty. They will be pretty strong, pretty kind, pretty patient, pretty joyful and loving. They will be pretty filled with their Lord, and his love for them. 

Diet sodas and protein bars, little calories and starvation won't bring them to this point. Only by feasting regularly in his presence, and in his word will make them beautiful before him. We can't starve ourselves to the point of beauty. We have to eat. We have to eat regularly. 

Becoming distracted by the need for pretty keeps us from what matters. We must draw close to him, let him do the work within us. As his child we can then ask, "What will we be? Will we be pretty, will we be rich?"...can you hear his answer?

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Stepping into the bathroom, she caught my eye in the mirror. Dressed in capris, a bright tank, and a plaid button down, she walked over to the bathtub and sat on the edge. After a huge sigh, she told me how her clothes made her look fat. Once again, I told her to pick up my Bible on the edge of the sink and turn to Psalm 139. She grinned, knew the routine, and began to read.

As she was reading out loud, I continued putting my make up on, and figuring out my outfit for the day. After changing several times, I noticed I wasn't listening to the verses, but only hearing my own thoughts about how the shirt I had on had too large of a print which accentuated my belly, and how it fell at a point on my thighs that made me feel fat. Hmmm, I wonder where she got it from.

Reading how our Lord views us, and loves us, is food for our self image. Understanding and believing what matters to him, helps us to focus on what really matters, not what doesn't. When we begin to slip into insecurity, and disliking our outward appearance, we should be reminded of our hunger. We must fill our souls with what he values, and the knowledge of how special we are to him. This is food, we need it often.

Filling ourselves with his word is something we don't need to measure, weigh, calculate, limit or work to burn off. We can fill ourselves with no limits. I would much rather show my daughter how to break away from a self image that tells her she's fat, and replace it with a fat soul, filled with his love.
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So when I notice my pants are leaving marks on my thighs, I realize there might be a problem. Maybe they were just tightened up in the laundry, right? I strive to find a reason, an excuse, some shred of reasoning that would help me escape from the inevitable. Days go by, and I begin to pray. Is He capable of helping me to loose a few extra pounds I've managed to pack on? Sure He is. He has in the past, and I'm sure that He wouldn't want me to be brought down, feel less healthy, and more insecure. He loves me, right?

We have a choice. We can sit back, acknowledge our Lord's power, and wait for Him to bring on results and blessings, or, we can get to work as we acknowledge His power and know He is God.

We are to be walking, moving, and working in faith. Sitting around and wondering if things will change, can lead to a damaging end, not to mention packing on a few more!

I play piano. I've played my whole life. I remember practicing these little exercises, over and over again, feeling as though I would never be able to make music. After hard, daily work, it was as if my Lord came up behind me, reached around me and turned my fumbling into a song. He made music, and I know that my effort and hard work had pleased Him.

Tight jeans are a simple problem, there are much greater issues in life than my weight. What am I to do with each? Do my duties. Get to work. Move in faith, and know He is God. Faith in God is not an emotion to sit and think about. Faith moves. Moving to the music He has made in my life is right, and who knows, I just might find I need the laundry to tighten up my pants.

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Do these jeans make me look fat? Do you think I’m gaining weight? I have nothing to wear that looks good on me!

Oh, how easy it is to focus on me and to fill the conversations with my husband on this subject. How many times has he had to carefully answer these questions, and reassure me that I’m okay?

Very few of us have the type of body that remains firm and thin through the many changes of womanhood. Yet, this mustn’t overtake our thoughts and our words.

This is a burden we place on our husbands needlessly. A sure way to make ourselves less beautiful in our husband's eyes is to continually be self absorbed and obsessed about our outward appearance. Filling his mind with words about how we think we're not looking good, creates an ugliness we don’t want.

If we need to lose weight, we should just do it happily for our Lord. Our priority should be on our hearts and attitude, with our eyes on those around us, not on ourselves. 

We must change our tune. When tempted to grumble about our looks and body, we should fill our minds and conversations with thankfulness. There is plenty to be thankful for.

Better to be fat and happy, than almost thin and cranky.

Our thankfulness and joy will make us more beautiful before our husbands, and will not insult the Creator who adores us as we are.   

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