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She came running into my bedroom when it was still dark outside. Jumping onto my bed she became frustrated that she couldn't see my face. After a short time, her eyes adjusted. She shouted with joy that once again my face could be seen. She gently rubbed my cheek and said, "Face."

When it's dark, we can feel lost. Nothing is clear. Through hard times we can even panic, feeling alone in the darkness. Sometimes we wonder if our God is still there, wondering why.

Like my daughter, we reach out into the darkness and our eyes adjust. We find that our Lord is right in front of us, smiling as He knows why. He cares for us, and writes our story in the brightest sun, and the darkest night.

We can shout for joy. He is there. Our eyes will adjust, and the darkness will subside as His smiling face breaks through.
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April 06, 2010

Linda Hoffy
April 07, 2010
Thank you for reading my blog! I'm so happy you are being encouraged. God is good!!!

April 07, 2010
Thanks again, Linda, for taking a nightly occurance for me with little ones and turning it into an encouragement. I will think of this during the nights as I feed my baby :)

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