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Ephesians 4:32
"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."

Picking up the trail of dropped toys, dirty laundry, and loose school papers is continuous. It amazes me how quickly the piles on the stairs build with shoes, backpacks, and lego pieces. I also wonder if any toothpaste ever actually hits the toothbrushes as every morning, there is much left on the sink and towel hook. Cleaning is continuous. In order to have a home that is a joy to live in, work is required. My house cannot be cleaned once a week, it's a part of each day.

If I were to leave the piles, the dirty dishes on the sink, the crumbs on the floor, this house would quickly turn to a place that would be uncomfortable, and a misery to live in. I can't even imagine how fast we would not have clean clothes to wear as we would have to climb over mountains of smelly laundry to get from one room to the other. 

What's the difference between a home kept up, and one that is neglected and messy? In one, things are continually picked up. The same is true with offenses and forgiveness. Living together in a family, forgiveness will always be necessary. We must continually clean the messes that are made between us.  

I've noticed that when you move a stack of stuff to another room, it's not really cleaned up. Likewise, using a dry rag to wipe crayon from the cupboard door doesn't have a good result. When we make a mess, it must be cleaned appropriately. If we hurt one another, we must label it for what it was, and seek forgiveness for the exact sin. The blessing of forgiveness that follows is overwhelming.  

Piles build if not broken down and put away. Bitterness is the same. If it's there, pick it up and put it away.

Life is a blessing that passes faster than we'd want to admit. We mustn't spend it with our family in the middle of a mess. 
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April 01, 2010
Yes to all you said. And, as the messy house is to the messy heart (and the cleaned-up house is to a pure heart), so is the family to the Church. The family is a mini-church, wherein children are disclipled in the ways of the Kingdom of God and wherein they are taught to get along with others. Imagine the hearts if we cleaned them as we can clean up a house, and imagine the Church if she were filled with families who loved God, who loved His Word, and who could get along beautifully with one another. :)

April 02, 2010
Wow mom that is so true you always write things so well (:

April 02, 2010
l loved that mom! You are a very good writer.

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April 05, 2010
way to go linda, i like this one. i better get started and take care of some messes. i have been moving them around my house pretending that they are cleaned up. boooo to me.

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