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Whah whah, whah whah whah whah"... Charlie Brown's School Teacher

I would unroll my flannel lined sleeping bag, and spread it out across the shag carpet on the den floor in preparation of the much awaited episode of "The Peanuts". Something about watching Snoopy and the gang brought me smiles and peace. I remember how the words of the school teachers were never understood, almost as if they were too boring and monotonous to be important.

Years later, I noticed my children standing only a few feet away from me didn't seem to be aware that I was talking to them. I was probably repeating myself with some instructions they were uninterested in. It is always a pleasure to be the only one to hear your own voice in a room filled with little people who should be listening to you. I've used this as a scale to measure my communication when the audience I'm trying to hit is unaware of my words. Resembling Charlie Brown's school teacher is not a goal.

I've visited friends homes where the talking and laughter was so robust at the dinner table that it seemed no one took a breath. All chiming in at the same time, they found complete delight in hearing from the others and getting their opinion in when they could. It was clear their family was strong, they were close. I also have childhood memories of visiting a home where everyone went to eat their meal in their own room. They were busy with their own interests, seemingly uninterested in each other.  

Keeping strong communication lines open to my children is imperative. Having constant conversations with them about life is necessary. Even when we seem to debate about a subject, I am certain that when they are confronted on the issue, my words will be there, and they will stand behind them. 

Everyday I want to prepare for the daily much awaited episode of my children's lives, and have open ears and clear words to bring them smiles and peace. 

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Linda Hoffy
March 27, 2010
Jennifer, I love hearing this!!! There's nothing quite like having such a close bond with our kids...what a blessing!
Rebecca...thanks so much for sharing, what a wonderful Grandma you are!!!

March 27, 2010
After reading Jennifer's comment, I realized my two oldest granddaughters call me frequently to be their listener, or their sounding board. I pretty much raised them, keeping them from babyhood through to high school while their mom worked. I learned to put down what I was doing, look into their eyes, and (sometimes force myself to) give them full attention. It wasn't always easy, but it was a great pay-off. I know when I need a listener, I sure hope someone will put down what they are doing and hear me. These granddaughters are now 26, and the other one is 21 years old today!!!!!!!!!

March 27, 2010
My oldest is almost 19, and I can say that your strategy has served us well. Doers of the same, we still have him returning, even from his college world filled with friends and philosophies, to check in with us and his sibs and to engage in lively and meaningful discussions. Thank God.

March 28, 2010
What a good post!!!what fun memories

March 29, 2010
Wow!!! I enjoyed that!!

March 29, 2010
Loved it!! It was superm!!

March 29, 2010
My sister-in-law asked me how I spend time one-on-one with my five on a daily basis. She was wanting to spend an hour alone with her three each day. I told her I don't but what I do do is to always be available, as Rebecca wrote. If one of my children need help with something I put down what I am doing and let them know that they have me even if it is for a short time. Lord willing, big pay offs in the future. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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