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Sitting beside her on the plane, my stillness was kept busy just by watching her. She is two. Exploring her surroundings, she didn't stop. The seatbelt was different. This made it necessary to buckle, and unbuckle over and over again, until it pinched her belly, and found it was no longer fun.

There was a window. A small one, yet just the right size for her little face to fill. As the other planes would pass by her view she had to let out a scream of delight. So much to take in. After a bit, she noticed a pocket of treasures just in front of her. What was that bag all about? Pulling it out of the pouch, and putting it back again was entertainment for her. An emergency card found in the pouch had three flaps that could be opened and closed. Too much to handle. The pictures on the card were bright, and they belonged to her.

She was on an airplane, and there was much to take in. She had no part in preparing the plane for take off. She had absolutely no knowledge of the many checks that took place to insure the safe flight. Being completely unaware of what was going on in the front of the plane, she just was a passenger.

The captain in the front knew. He was responsible. He was taking care of the many controls in the front. She was able to sit back, and focus on her surroundings.

Our Lord is our captain. It is his plan to take full responsibility for our flight. He never intended for us to ask, worry, or even know.

The cockpit in the front of the plane is sealed off. As passengers, we cannot even see inside, or know of the decisions being made. We have no need to. There is enough surrounding us to keep our focus. How unnecessary for my little two year old to fill her mind with concerns of why, how, and what if.  She's been given a window, a seat belt and the joy of the flight. Oh, to simply delight in what God has set before me, and to let Him be captain.
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March 16, 2010
good one mom!!!!!that totally makes sense!!!you have talent

March 16, 2010
Wow!! That was incredible mom!! I cant figure out where you learn to write so well.. I love you!!

March 22, 2010
Thank you for this message I needed it with everything looking so grim. I need to trust the Captain you are right. I need to focus on what is around and before me: my children, my sweet husband, the Word of God, people whom God brings to my doorstep. Thank you Linda you brought some sunshine into my world today.

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