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As I pull another piece of packing tape over the top of a box, I try to remind myself what was inside. The amount of stuff that I have managed to accumulate through my life is more than I'd like to admit. From the all important High School albums to the trivial baby blankets I can't bring myself to get rid of, I continue to save. It's easier to just keep it stacked in the garage, than to sift through it, make decisions, clean it out, and possibly let it go.

If I refuse to ever go through it, who will it ultimately belong to? When I am gone, it will be my children who will be responsible to go through each item, work through it, and decide to hold on to it, or let it go.

My heart is no different. I have hopes of leaving my deep love for God, my laughter, and any strengths God has given me to my children. Yet likewise, I will be leaving behind those temptations and sins that I never quite overcame. They will be dealing with my fears, insecurities, and anxieties. What motivation this offers me to work through these issues that are before me and within me in order to not leave them behind for my children to be responsible for.

God works this way. We pass it down. He works through families, and continues to work through them as generations pass. Sins that have not been properly dealt with, weaknesses and lost battles will show up in our children.

Working through the storage on my garage shelves is a mere reminder. What do I want my children to open when I am gone? What do I want to leave behind? The day will come where they become responsible for what I have left.

As I label yet another box, I must make certain this is what I want them opening and finding when I am gone.
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March 13, 2010
That was so sweet! It made my eyes water... I really do love you

March 24, 2010
I just spent about two weeks building shelves in our shop and moving "stuff" from the garage to the shop. Never thought of it this way. Yes, we are leaving physical as well as spiritual things for our children to sort through. Great ideas, Linda!!

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