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Proverbs 19:18
"Chasten your son while there is hope, and do not set your heart on his destruction."

Somewhere between the aisle filled with princess dress up clothes and the Barbie dolls, I watched as she threw herself on the floor. Kicking her legs as if she was trying to ride a bike in the air, her little dress flew back and a diaper that was drooping to her knees was revealed. Screaming out the torment of her life, while her pacifier fell to the floor, she had drawn a crowd.

The tired mother beside her tried to explain to the onlookers that it was past her nap time as she attempted to pick up her flailing daughter, and any fragments of her dignity that could be found.

I've experienced the arching, angry child, and wished I could just disappear. It's tempting to blame it on age, yet, excusing such behavior is like closing your eyes when a roller coaster ride gets scary. This isn't a sign of age, it's an opportunity for God to humble us parents and bring to our attention some areas neglected. Brushing it off as a stage is like pushing the crumbs on the kitchen floor under my rug, figuring it will be cleaned in due time.

Children are born into sin. This is evident in the little princess doing her dance on the floor. Tiny children have the ability to make adults jump to their service at the first sign of discomfort. Is it any wonder why most children continue to believe that they are the prince or princess of their castle?

It is a God given privilege and requirement to love and train these little throne sitters into joyful submission and humility before their King. It's necessary to move their eyes off of themselves in order for them to catch a glimpse of the King they serve, the King who belongs on the throne of their hearts. They must come to understand that this castle, their life, is all about their King, His love, and the joy they can bring Him.

These dances are reminders that it's time to get back to the training ground at home, practicing cheerful, immediate obedience and changing an attitude from self indulgence to giving with thankfulness.

A true dance of joy will come later, and I'm certain it will not take place on the floor of a toy store.
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February 20, 2010
Wow Mom that makes so much sense.
It is so good I love it when u write these blogs.
I love u

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