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Isaiah 26:3
"You will keep him in perfect peace. Whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You."

It was bedtime, but the sun was still out. It was summer. Resting in my bed I watched the sun shine through the sides of my window shades. My window was wide open and the breeze would pull the shade to the screen, then release it again. The sounds from the neighbors house poured into my room. I smiled. 

My neighbors had a pool, and it seemed when it was time for me to go to bed, their fun began. I listened to the splashing, the laughter, the sounds of plastic plates and tin cans against their tables. There was no cause for fear, no mysteries in the quiet. I was in the center of a party. No one knew I was there, but I was a participant none the less. 

Winter brought quiet, darkness, and windows that were closed. Silence and shadows left just enough space for my imagination to fill the room. Sleep waited. Without the story being told to me as I would drift off, it was my turn to create. Where would I go? What would I choose?

God offers peace. Every night is in His design. If my mind is fixed on Him, peace and joy encompass me. When my mind slips, I fall. If allowed, my fears and anxieties will put on a party around my bed. The choice is mine.

Summer shows what winter can offer, if I'm listening. There is no silence with God. No darkness that threatens to overtake. The splashing of the summer water clings to my mind, reminders of the sun that is promised in the frozen winter.

I will leave my window open. There is no cause for fear, no mysteries in the quiet. I'm in the center of a party, and He knows I'm here. 
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February 12, 2010
Way to go!! I love how you write!! It feels as if I am right next to you!! I loved it, it was superm!

Penne Pasta
March 09, 2010
Micah put it perfectly! Way to go!!

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