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Psalms 112:1-2

"Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in His
commandments. His descendants will be mighty on the earth; the generation of
the upright will be blessed."

If I knocked at their door, there would be no answer. If I mailed a letter, they would never receive it. If I dialed their number, they would never answer.

My Grandparent's house is empty. Their kitchen is bare. The fireplace that once gave so much warmth is now cold. Yet for me, I rejoice as I hear their laughter in my children, and see them peak at me through my children's eyes.

At times I can smell the scents from their kitchen, or hear the crackling of their fire in the shadows of my memories. The absence of their presence leaves me somehow hollow as I recall those days they filled in my childhood.

How I would love to curl up on their sofa, close my eyes and just listen to
their laughter and conversations, yet the only way I am able to feel their presence now is in the fullness of my memories.

I long to place my baby in their arms, and watch their expressions. I now see that what you make of each moment is creating the memory you very possibly may lean on in the future. These are pictures you will replay in your mind with a desire to bring those times back, to remember, to celebrate.

Grandpa and Grandma will be introduced to my children through my childhood memories. They will be described to my children through the child in me. Also, the woman I've become has much to do with what they invested in me.  

Our God is glorified through families. He protects and builds His children through many generations. It is my prayer that one day I will have grandchildren who remember me the way I remember my Grandparents. I hope they will hear my laughter in their children, and will have learned by my life how to love and adore their God as they visit the shadows of their memories.
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Penne Pasta
March 09, 2010
How lovingly poignant and how much dearer heaven seems.

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