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1 Samuel 1:27
“I prayed for this child. The Lord answered my prayer and gave him to me.”

He lies across the hot pavement with his arms stretched out in front with fingers reaching into my flowerbed. As he is intently watching the ants scurrying about their business, a butterfly floats by that catches his attention. He has been studying these ants for quite some time, and shouts with delight when the beautiful butterfly floats across his vision. As he runs into the kitchen to share of the pure joy he was finding in his discoveries, I meet him at the door with open arms.

I had been scurrying around the home much like the ants he had been observing, as I had much to do. I thought of the wonder that filled my son as he was still, watching and drinking in the busyness of these little insects. I suppose at times I appear to him to be much like the ants. I move, and generally am undertaking more than one task at a time as if I were many. Answering questions, treating scrapes, making sandwiches, sweeping the floor, while holding my baby.

He likes to help. I have made meals with him by my side that could have taken thirty minutes to prepare, yet mysteriously took well over an hour including spilled sauce, wet towels, many licked spoons and more laundry to clean as my cook in training was an active participant. It would be easy to rush about and complete my tasks quickly and efficiently, yet this would be only something to mark off of my list, instead of something that could make a mark on my heart, and the heart of my son.

If he and I were to race down the driveway I would win, thus making the race not too fun for him. This must be why he takes my hand every morning so that we can walk hand in hand out to the kitchen together. He knows I’m fast, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up my pace. Watching my back from down the hall is not quite the same. He holds my hand so that he can see my face, and he knows that I want to see his.

There are blessings in slowness. Those moments in the evening when I stop my busy routine to rub his back and tell him I love him as he slowly falls asleep, or stopping to listen to a story he is telling, as only a four year old knows how. These are the moments I will remember. My daily lists will be gone and unimportant, yet the list of memories that I fall back on will be filled with the moments of slowness with my children.

A new season will come when I am old, and have no need to rush about, and my body will be tired. I may even find myself becoming caught up in watching a beautiful butterfly that crosses my vision. I’m certain I will call my son to share in my delight, and I pray he will desire to stop the busyness that is sure to surround him and listen to my joy. In this season of my life a race down the driveway would have a quite different outcome. It would not hold much fun for me, as I would be unable to keep up in any way.

Instead of being rushed by as I will be a bit slower, it is my prayer that my son will take hold of my hand so that I can see his face, and I will know he wants to see

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December 19, 2009
I sat here this morning with much to do in the ‘trapped in the wrappings and wrapped in the trappings’ time of year it is. I was drawn to go and visit your “house” and all of its lovely rooms of wisdom and joy.

You have captured the essence of a life well-lived. You live in the present; and realize that the joy of the Lord makes all of life good! All the thoughts and experiences of your life thus far add up to a wonderful testimony of strength, wisdom, courage, and discipline mixed together with abundant love to pass along. You know how much Jesus loves you!

AND you realize that Life is a Chapter Book.

Sending love, and Choosin’ Joy,

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