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What are you holding onto? What is in your grip so tight that your knuckles are turning white?

We make decisions about what we will or will not do, then it’s as though we shut the door.

From refusing to eat red meat, to declaring we will never live where it snows, we tighten our fists.

We can believe in home schooling to a point that we can’t pass a school campus without a sideways glance. As a new mom we can know that nursing our baby is best, and at the same time decide that bottle feeding is wrong, and again, tighten our fists refusing to even think of it.

It seems we can make our box that we live in so small that there is only room for one. While inside, we miss out on life as God intended for it to be.

Imagine standing in front of our Lord with clenched fists covering our ears, with our eyes tightly shut. Seems impossible, yet amazing how often we bring ourselves this way.  We become unwilling to allow Him to broaden our view and understanding.

He isn’t concerned that we might not care for the gray weather, but is concerned that we are clenched, and refusing to live in it. This shows Him there is work to do.

We can hand it to Him with an open palm, or He will have to break our fingers in order to take it. Holding on only makes us fall…let go for dear life.

Abraham many times would respond to God with the phrase, “Here I am Lord.” His hands were open, and he was therefore willing to hold whatever God might bring him.

You don’t know what blessings God has for you. Far better to have open hands in order to receive them.

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Megan H.
December 22, 2009
Awsome Mom!!!!!Love it you r so creative

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