Good things come in small packages. At least this is what I was told. I didn't buy it. I would always hope, in the glory of childish Christmas greed and selfishness, that the largest box behind the tree was for me. Lovely, I know. 

Christmas brings hope, expectations, and anticipation. For the smaller ones in our lives, such big emotions are a bit much to handle.

Christmas carols and decorations paint the picture of sweet little families nestled around the tree on this long awaited morning. We expect this. 

As Christmas arrives, and the celebrating begins, we will notice who is sitting around our tree. These aren't figurines from some decoration, with plastic smiles. These are our children. Yet, not just our children, but our children in an emotionally heightened event, which has the makings for a frenzy.

Kids can have an emotional meltdown at a small birthday party. Yet, this isn't just a small birthday party, it's a birthday party for our King. It's huge. 

We have the privilege and responsibility of guarding these hearts. Filling them with candy canes and laughter, showering them with gifts, as we help them to keep emotional balance with full of thankfulness. Knowing their emotions are on overdrive will help us to be proactive as we navigate our way through the crazy.

What's under the tree, are gifts we are giving to our Lord, by giving them to our loved ones. Beautiful. As we look at the little people around our tree, we see that these are our gifts from Him, entrusted to us. Amazing.

Good things do come in small packages.