She hollered across the beach. Everyone looked up at her except for her son. She continued. "Stop throwing sand at your sister! You know better!"

Do you think she knows better than to yell at her son, and strip herself of all dignity? Still, she continued. "I have taught you better than that! What are you thinking?"

He might know. He also knows that he can ignore her. He knows that eventually she will stop, so he doesn't have to.

Where is the break down from what we know and what we do? We somehow let our emotions disguise what we know to be right to do. We behave opposite. It's easier, and way more fun...or so we think, until we see the ugliness of such a choice in the behavior of our kids.

Sadly though, our little people will follow what we do, not what we know. They will show the same amount of self control that we display. As we teach them how to behave, we sometimes offer an example of pure emotional stupidity.

We can't expect them to do what they know to be right if we aren't ready to look at ourselves, and realize we know better.