The door is closed. It's easy to assume they want to be alone. Maybe. Yet usually the door is closed in order to be opened. There is a handle. We need to use it.

Our teens can quickly drop into a stinky mood. Without help, and some focused digging, they might spend too much time there. It's our job to see them when they disappear.

Far easier to get back to what we were doing. Incredibly easier, actually. Yet, we aren't raising children in order to have easy.

They need to have their words heard, and their chin lifted. Teens can have a small supply of hope, as their eyes drop and they forget what's up ahead. They are on a road, a rocky one. Fill their hope bucket. We must remind them who has their hand, and what is at the end of their journey.

Get in there. Knocking on their door will also result in them desiring to come to yours in years to come. Blessings yet to come as we lead with hope.