You would think if they wanted to sell a swim suit, they would put more consideration toward the dressing room. It seems the cheaper stores couldn't care less. With the florescent lighting, and bright white walls, there is simply no mercy.

Much more enjoyment can be found at the classier shops. The magic of dIm lights and slimming mirrors can make the purchase definite. The feelings of confidence can last all the way home until we stand back on in front of our own bathroom mirror.

Reminded of the florescent lighting, nothing is hidden, nothing appearing smaller than it actually is.

Why does it matter? What are we really looking for when we look in the mirror? Without the option to be airbrushed as we walk onto the beach, we must consider who we are trying to impress, and why does our outward appearance become paramount?

If God gave us a mirror, what do you think would be reflected? What would the lighting be? We would most definitely see our character, our hearts.  We would be looking directly at our inward qualities. Included would be our patience level, our pride, our insecurities, our joy, our anxieties, our level of love towards others, and if our spirit is gentle and at peace with Him.

Forget the slimming mirror. He sees us as we are, looking deep into our hearts. What is valued by Him is what must be important to us.  And no matter what the lighting, He has an airbrush, and there is always mercy.