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I could hear her feet behind me pressing into the sand as she danced. There was no direction in her dance, just an explosion of happy. With arms flailing about, and random drops to the sand, she was in the moment. I remained still on my towel, feeling the sun drape over me. The oil on my skin made me a magnet for the sand that she was tossing about, but it didn't matter. I was in the moment. 

Suddenly her giggles turned to an outburst of screaming, as the sand had rained down and landed in her eyes. Jumping to her rescue, I began brushing the sand from her face. Her tears made the sand cling to her cheeks, and the more I tried to wipe, it only got worse. I seemed to be covering her face with more sand, the more I worked. 

The realization that I was only adding to the problem struck me. I had come to her with hands that were also covered in sand, and only compounded the problem and the pain. I was unqualified to help. I, her mom, was adding to her agony. 

This story has also played out in the car, as I have become annoyed by the arguments in the backseat. Instead of cheerfully helping them untangle, my attitude only offered more sand. Their sticky attitudes were made worse because of the reflection from the front seat. I was unqualified. I, their mom, was only adding to the agony.

Best to look in the rear- view mirror at myself before I turn back to them, and try to help with their tangle. I need to be corrected before I am qualified to correct. 

Sand will be tossed about. Not being a magnet for it will allow our kids to dance in an explosion of happy.

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January 19, 2011
You are so amazing Mom! I never thought your writing would get better!!! I guess I was wrong!! :) Love you! <3333

January 24, 2011
OUCH!!! Your words sting, yet I am thankful you write them! Keep them coming my friend. God has given you a great gift and I have been challenged because of it.

Linda Hoffy
January 25, 2011
Wow, thank you...I am honored to have such sweet words sent my way. Life is good. I love sharing the ups and the downs!

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