1 comment | published by Linda | December 31, 2010
She knew I was coming. She had grabbed his puzzle with intent to disturb and destroy, a risk to see if she actually was all powerful. When she caught my eye, she hopped into the bathroom and quickly sat on the potty, calling out that she needed more toilet paper. She figured that no sort of discipline could ever take place there. She was safe, so she thought.

Looking down upon her, I reminded her of the five before her that taught me of such tricks. I had figured out that little people were not dumb. They are brilliant in fact. 

Finding that the potty wasn't necessarily a safe zone, she learned once again that she actually was not all powerful. 

Little minds with big ideas are no match for a cheerful mom who is on her game.

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January 06, 2011
Ahhhhh you are so amazing <3

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