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"When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich?"....I was just a little girl, but the question mattered. I loved to be told that I was a pretty little girl. Pretty mattered. It matters to all of us. Why? We know the power of pretty.

Growing into our teen years is not a smooth transition. These years bring braces, acne, and the sudden need for makeup. Drinking diet soda and eating diet bars in order to keep our jeans fitting our changing figures, we know that pretty is paramount. 

When we enter motherhood, pregnancy affects our pretty. Something about the extra pounds we acquire, along with skin and hair changes, we feel less pretty.

As we look ahead to the wonder years, I am certain we will be offered creams, hair color, and diet programs that we can invest in. These are small attempts to hold onto pretty as long as possible. I have seen some older women, desperately trying to hold on...and it's not pretty.

My girls now look up at me, with a diet soda in hand, and ask..."Will I be pretty?"...Oh yes, I want to teach them that they will be pretty. They will be pretty strong, pretty kind, pretty patient, pretty joyful and loving. They will be pretty filled with their Lord, and his love for them. 

Diet sodas and protein bars, little calories and starvation won't bring them to this point. Only by feasting regularly in his presence, and in his word will make them beautiful before him. We can't starve ourselves to the point of beauty. We have to eat. We have to eat regularly. 

Becoming distracted by the need for pretty keeps us from what matters. We must draw close to him, let him do the work within us. As his child we can then ask, "What will we be? Will we be pretty, will we be rich?"...can you hear his answer?

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Linda Hoffy
November 23, 2010
Thank you Kristie! Each comment you leave encourages me. So thankful you are enjoying my blog!!!!

November 23, 2010
I love your down to earth reminders of things I too am going through and the loving way you bring it all back to our Lord's feet. Thank you, Linda, for continuing to write and share!

Linda Hoffy
November 23, 2010
Judy! I LOVE IT when you comment!!! I love knowing that someone is glancing at what I write...thanks for taking the time to comment...

November 23, 2010
Beautifully written! Your children are blessed with a spirit filled Mom. When I was a girl it was seamingly vain to tell your kids they were pretty. The Bible says it all, " You are beautifully and wonderfully made". How cool is that!!

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