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Whenever we brought it with us, we were slowed down. I grew up spending many hours in the backseat of a dark blue station wagon.  As we traveled down the highway I remember the tug of the white trailer we pulled.

Consistently residing in the slow lane, I watched out the window as others passed us, and wondered what it would be like to move so fast. 

With the trailer, steep hills and mountains brought risk and fear. Mom and Dad would discuss the scenarios of possibilities as I would listen, and picture what could happen. Creeping upward, our car shook. I shook. If only we didn’t have the extra weight, we’d travel easier, and maybe the mountains would be fun.   

How quickly we hitch up a trailer of worry and fear, and drag it behind us. We are slowed down, and watch as others pass by with ease. When a trial comes before us like a mountain, our trailer shakes. We shake. So simple to let our mind wander into the pictures of what could happen. 

Why bring it? We must daily unhitch the stress and worries that can drag us down, and make the mountains we come to seem overwhelming. Better to fill our minds with thankfulness, and trust in our Lord.

If we notice we have hitched it up again, we can make a choice to break free, drive fast, and arrive on that mountain top. Travel light.

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Linda Hoffy
November 07, 2010
Thank you, Judy! I love this!

November 07, 2010
THANKSGIVING makes this complete.
Thank you Linda for these reminders of how I need to begin my day.

November 09, 2010
That was AWESOME Mom!!! I love you!!

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