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She sits alone in a room filled with silence. Her mind takes her back through pages of memories, covered with all she has done through the past ninety seven years. Busy days spent completing lists, accomplishing goals, achieving dreams and doing tasks are behind her.

Always having found her value and pride in all she has done, she slips into despair. Unable to do, all that is left now is to be. Is that enough? Is being enough for me?

I can think of my Grandma and clearly see how she became lost in performance instead of knowing that our Lord loved her just because she was. I think of her as I busily hi-light the tasks on my list. I am humbled, and reminded. 

Doing is important, there is much we can do to please our Lord. Likewise, there is something wonderful in being who God made us to be, and simply enjoying his presence. We are enough as we are. 

Focusing on him, and just being his child, enjoying his presence through our days pleases him. Remembering the importance of being gives us value and purpose that will fill our pages with sweetness, and never end.

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October 25, 2010
Yes, I am a grandma and can certainly relate to the doing ~ but what a great reminder of just "being his child".

October 26, 2010
It's a bit like being reminded of "are you a Martha, or a Mary". Both are needed in this world (how can a family function if Mom doesn't do things), but can we remember that we are here to glorify Him, and how can we do that best? Christ did seem to say that Mary had chosen the better option.

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