3 comments | published by Linda | September 07, 2010
When I heard the loud crack come from their bedroom, I knew they had chosen to use the last one in their box. Night surrounded them, so this was the best time to break it, and use it to light up the darkness. Those crazy little glow sticks had spent the full day in their hands as they would hunch over them in the back seat of the car, or run into a closet, or find a dark space in the garage. When it was snapped in the center, the light was able to show through, and brighten up their way. Once broken, it worked.

It is frustrating to be in a period of time where we can't seem to get to the light. The worries of life can overtake us. Feelings of panic can even come upon us as we try to rest at night. How can we continue if we feel so broken?

Like the loud crack I heard from their bedroom, when we have the privilege of becoming broken, God is able to light up the darkness. He can then show through, be our strength, and light up our way. Something happens that is a mystery to us, as there is a certain glory that shines through brokenness, as we become filled with his strength. Once broken, we are strong.  
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September 08, 2010
A thought for sunshine to chase rain away; how do you come up with these pictures so clearly? I’m blessed by this gift.

September 11, 2010
Mom I loved that one,you are AMAZING!!!

September 15, 2010
The breaking process sometimes seems to be almost unbearable though. And yes, as we are feeling so very broken, we do wonder if we can continue, but then I remember that God offers us a way of escape. And I then have to return to my leaning on Him, praying that He will be my strength, because while I'm broken...I am broken and have no strength.

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