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Psalm 127:3
"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him."

She must have wondered why there were six broken sticks in my purse. It made perfect sense to me. My children also knew of why. As I shuffled past the sticks, and loose gum wrappers, I smiled. There would be no other explanation of why, if it weren't for them. They are the reason for rubber bands, shells, and gum, and why they matter to me so.

As she moved my items across the scanner, she noticed the three standing beside me. She commented how amazed she was that I have three kids. Feeling like pulling out the line that seems to slay them all, I told her this was only half of my crew. As she tried to compose a calm response, she couldn't help but ask me why.

Returning home, I was chased by little arms that wrapped around my waist so tight, that I could hardly breathe, and was covered with a thousand kisses...yet people ask me why.

Later in the night, her tiny hand rubbed across my face as she slowly fell asleep. I thought again of the people that often ask me why.  

There is no simple answer for the one who asks, just a hope that someday they will come to know the reason for sticks, wrappers, and such things, and come to undersand the mystery of why.
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August 31, 2010
And those of us who know why, still remember those “special rocks” found in the driveway. And work on making new memories with the grandchildren when “the rest of the crew” is too grown up to still caress our cheeks and hug our waists.

September 06, 2010
Why? One answer to fill our lives to the fullest now and for the future!!! My husband and I cannot wait for all the wonderful adventures we will share together with our "crew" Thanks for all your encouragement, Linda!!

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