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Stepping into the bathroom, she caught my eye in the mirror. Dressed in capris, a bright tank, and a plaid button down, she walked over to the bathtub and sat on the edge. After a huge sigh, she told me how her clothes made her look fat. Once again, I told her to pick up my Bible on the edge of the sink and turn to Psalm 139. She grinned, knew the routine, and began to read.

As she was reading out loud, I continued putting my make up on, and figuring out my outfit for the day. After changing several times, I noticed I wasn't listening to the verses, but only hearing my own thoughts about how the shirt I had on had too large of a print which accentuated my belly, and how it fell at a point on my thighs that made me feel fat. Hmmm, I wonder where she got it from.

Reading how our Lord views us, and loves us, is food for our self image. Understanding and believing what matters to him, helps us to focus on what really matters, not what doesn't. When we begin to slip into insecurity, and disliking our outward appearance, we should be reminded of our hunger. We must fill our souls with what he values, and the knowledge of how special we are to him. This is food, we need it often.

Filling ourselves with his word is something we don't need to measure, weigh, calculate, limit or work to burn off. We can fill ourselves with no limits. I would much rather show my daughter how to break away from a self image that tells her she's fat, and replace it with a fat soul, filled with his love.
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August 22, 2010
So true mommy, love it

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