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She stepped into the emergency room and called his name. We all stood up to follow, but were told only one could come with him. We looked at each other, and without words, decided I would go. Only six, he held my hand, and found comfort in me.

There's something about following your little son as he is being pushed through the hallways of a hospital on a bed. Still my son, now a patient, under the care of others, as I observe and make the best decisions possible.

Sitting beside him, hanging over the bars on the side of his bed I rubbed his forehead with a wet cloth. When he looked at me, he found peace. 

It amazes me when we are put on the front lines, in a circumstance that has every reason to bring us to our knees in fear, how we are completely filled with confidence, peace, and joy. As moms, when we are drained of any strength, God refills us, abundantly. Being able to pour calmness on my son, while making the doctors and nurses around me laugh did not come from any part of me. Feeling His power come through me is an experience unmatched.

We waited. We were informed that within moments, the room would be filled with doctors, nurses and specialists, ready to care for him. I was the only one allowed to stay, as there would be no space for anyone else to stand. While waiting for their arrival, we prayed. God's presence was all encompassing, and His angels were surrounding my son's bed. The doctors thought the space would be limited, but we knew, even before they arrived, that our room was already filled. 
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Chinny Lu Lu
July 08, 2010
That made me want to cry! You are such an amazing writer. I feel like I am right there with you! xoxo

July 13, 2010
Wowsers!That was so sweet I would never have thought of it that way....you are amazing!Love you

July 14, 2010
Loved this posting, Linda. How people go through emergencies without the presence of our Lord must be very difficult. We had a broken arm this past month and went through the emotions you wrote about. He is healing and we are thankful the modern medicine that is fixing his arm. My prayers are with you, your son, and your family.

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