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I thought she was crazy. I was only eight and to her, my joy was paramount.

She had a front yard that was covered in ivy. The ivy stood over a foot high, and was shaped with curves and partly covered with a trellis. A pathway off to the side led to the front door.

My Grandma showed she loved me in many ways, but one of my favorites was how she broke the unspoken rules in order to watch me laugh.

One day, that was never repeated, she let me swim in her ivy. I spent hours swimming through the leaves, smashing down branches, as I laughed and sang in my personal green pool made of ivy. Grandma sat in a lawn chair watching me. I figured she wanted to be careful not to let me get lost in the deep end.

Grandma was very proper. She always dressed immaculately, and her home could have been viewed in a home magazine, yet on that day, my smile was what mattered to her.

Years after, we still laughed as we looked back. It took about a year for her to bring her yard back to life, yet she had no regrets, we had a memory we would always hold onto.

As my kids now ask to play with Playdoh, paint, or to build a fort in the living room, I think of the clean up that will be necessary after. There are those activities that make a mess, cause a ruckus, but make them laugh. Do I make their joy paramount? What matters most to me?

My Grandma is no longer here with me. I miss her laugh, her deep love for me, and how it felt when she looked at me. This reminds me to carry on her joy as I now raise my children, and let them swim in the ivy.
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July 05, 2010
Ooooo I bet you were SO cute,yet you still are......that was a fun one!

August 03, 2010
love it, Love it, love it!!! Your blog posts Brighten my day!!!

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