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While reaching for her pink plastic horse, getting ready to place it in the box, she put her hand on its head. "Going to the new house?" she asked. This was repeated for hundreds of items that I was busy packing up for our upcoming move. She was excited, yet a bit unsettled. Watching all of our treasures slowly getting closed inside numerous boxes, our house was becoming empty.

As we were on the plane, with her backpack of most important items at her feet, she leaned on me. Looking up at me she asked if we could go home. I held her face in my hands and looked into her eyes. I told her I was here, and where I am, she is home.

Somewhere between the here and there, I became restless in the changes placed before me. The home behind me now stood empty, and the one ahead was equally empty, yet in my mind it was already filled. My body was tired, and the hearts of my six children needed constant reminders of their security. I often opened my palms up to the Lord, and longed.

The boxes now torn open, are stacked by the front door. Crumpled newspaper fills trash bags in a pile, and looks like giant snowmen invading our entry. One at a time, when my children need to check in, they come to me. Holding onto me, they look into my eyes and are reminded they are home.

As I stop and look up, even though surrounded by chaos at my feet, I am reminded. Whenever my eyes turn to Him, I am settled. This life is a house for a time, but I know that this is not my home. There is a place up ahead that I cannot yet imagine, and it will be good. For now I can know, just like my little daughter, wherever I am with my Lord, I am home.
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Penne Pasta
June 10, 2010
Even the sparrow finds a place to build her nest on the altar of the Lord.

I miss you already, but may soon be headed south, myself....to a little dryer climate! But what a blessing you and your sweet family have been to me! Hugs and kisses, Hoffy Mom! You're a good one!

June 10, 2010
If only we could remember this----we are home anywhere we are, when we are with Him.

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