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As I closed the laundry machine door, I turned toward the kitchen. Before the machine clicked on, I was handed a light saber. There he stood. Wearing a smile, and holding his light saber up high, I was apparently being called to battle. My hands were caught empty, and now they were filled.

There is a gas station on the corner that we pass on our way home. This station is always congested. Cars pull in from every direction and fill every space available. The gas pumps are used continuously throughout each day. The purpose of this station is not to have the hoses neatly pulled up, the grounds swept, and the space cleared. It was designed for congestion, built for filling empty tanks.

The space around me is often congested. I have six kids, and sometimes their friends, that pass by to be filled. Some seem to need more frequent fill ups, while others come by less often but take more time filling their large tanks. 

I was built to handle such congestion. Time I spend with each, filling them up with love is my purpose. Hugs, laughter, talks, and encouragement are needed by them in order to function. They can quickly notice a space by me available that fits them perfectly, like my son noticing my hands were empty. I have been called to battle. My children's hearts are worth fighting for. 

I have found that when my hands remain empty, so are my children.
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May 25, 2010
such good memories!!You put them in such good examples

Penne Pasta
June 10, 2010
LOL! I was just thinking about how often, when I was least expecting it, you were MY filling station--brightening my day with your perma-sweetness!

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