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While struggling to manage keeping my daughter on my hip, along with my diaper bag and purse over my shoulder, we made our way through the airport. I knew there must be a better way to orchestrate my line of children as we stretched out across the airport terminal. My little son kept loosing his grip on his suitcase with wheels. He would have to stop, sit down, put his jacket on straighter, turn his suitcase around, and get back up. My husband continued to grab different items from the kids in order to lighten their load until it looked as though he was carrying the luggage for a lifetime journey.

Out of the kindness, and brilliance of someone, down the long airport terminal, we noticed a moving sidewalk. The children ran with delight to hop on the entertaining strip. Stepping onto it was quite the attraction for onlookers. With that one step, they lost balance, dropped what they were carrying, got in each other's way, and proceeded to become a spectacle.

As we continued our same pace, it was a strange sensation that overtook me as we quickly passed by the people who chose not to walk on this fast moving trail. I could take what felt like small steps, and we were still cruising down the long airport terminal at record speeds.

Noticing that my children needed to get reorganized, and were apparently not able to handle their personal loads, I wished for a rest stop. There wasn't one. Once the choice was made to get on this trail, the decision was made.

Raising children is no different. Once that precious child is placed in our arms, we are moving. Every day they change. My children are growing, learning, changing, and drinking in who I am every day. There is no time to stop. If I find it's time for a tune up, time to stop, rethink, regroup and improve, I must do so as we move. 

Children grow quickly, and like a conveyor belt, they continue to grow whether I have it together or not. Improvements must happen, but they must happen now as time doesn't stop.

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May 18, 2010
Wow!!!I remember that!!You think of really good examples!!Love you!!

May 18, 2010
Whew. This applies to those of us at the other end of that conveyor belt---the later years. Bodies slow down, brains don't have the right word, friends and family leave us. But nothing stops, nothing slows down despite the feelings that we can't keep up. As Linda says, we must rethink, regroup while we keep on going. Becoming a caretaker is full time as is the time of rearing our children. It is easy to think that God might not realize what's going on down here. But He does know, and He alone runs the speed of that conveyor belt. We can giggle and enjoy the tumble if we fall down with all that luggage, or we can be annoyed. I've done so much annoyance: may the Lord help me giggle.

May 19, 2010
When I was a teacher, outside my home, there was a saying I wold use often, "monitor and adjust" I would make lesson plans, get everything prepared for the lesson, and take care of myself so that I could teach it well. Then came the actual lesson and continually I would have to "monitor and adjust" to make everything run smoothly and to have my students comprehend what was being taught. May God give us the grace and wisdom to apply this to or children with love and compassion. Thanks so much, Linda!!

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