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So when I notice my pants are leaving marks on my thighs, I realize there might be a problem. Maybe they were just tightened up in the laundry, right? I strive to find a reason, an excuse, some shred of reasoning that would help me escape from the inevitable. Days go by, and I begin to pray. Is He capable of helping me to loose a few extra pounds I've managed to pack on? Sure He is. He has in the past, and I'm sure that He wouldn't want me to be brought down, feel less healthy, and more insecure. He loves me, right?

We have a choice. We can sit back, acknowledge our Lord's power, and wait for Him to bring on results and blessings, or, we can get to work as we acknowledge His power and know He is God.

We are to be walking, moving, and working in faith. Sitting around and wondering if things will change, can lead to a damaging end, not to mention packing on a few more!

I play piano. I've played my whole life. I remember practicing these little exercises, over and over again, feeling as though I would never be able to make music. After hard, daily work, it was as if my Lord came up behind me, reached around me and turned my fumbling into a song. He made music, and I know that my effort and hard work had pleased Him.

Tight jeans are a simple problem, there are much greater issues in life than my weight. What am I to do with each? Do my duties. Get to work. Move in faith, and know He is God. Faith in God is not an emotion to sit and think about. Faith moves. Moving to the music He has made in my life is right, and who knows, I just might find I need the laundry to tighten up my pants.

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April 27, 2010
Wow that was so true!!You are so amazing

April 28, 2010
I knew from the title that I would like this one :) Discipline and commitment to change certain hapits, or just buy the next size larger jean, is what it takes to make beautiful music in any area of our life. Thans for the challange, Linda, as I am in need of dropping a few baby pounds at this time.

Linda Hoffy
May 05, 2010
Kristie, you are one of those girls that always looks fit! You're a nut! I'm so happy you're reading my blurbs, and finding encouragement. What a privilege for me!

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