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It makes no sense. She likes it. For days on end she wants to wear her Snoopy t-shirt. It doesn't seem to bother her that it is three sizes too small, and continuously leaves her belly uncovered. It's what she's used to, grown comfortable with, and the only choice she sees as an option. With five days of collected dirt, chocolate milk, food smudges and crayon marks, I have clearly let this go too far.

I remember as a little girl, dragging my blanket with me wherever I went. It was security for me. The thought of washing it would sacrifice more time away from it than I was willing to give. Must have looked terrible, but to me, it felt great.

Watching her run around the house in her shirt of collected dirt and wear, I am reminded of those thoughts that I have refused to change. Bitterness digs in, and becomes a repetitious forum in which we relive how we have been hurt in the past. No one makes us put it on when we get up in the morning, it's just habit. It's what we're used to, and grown comfortable with.

When we become truly bitter, we live in the thoughts of how we've been harmed, going over it detail by detail. We are actually just continuing the harm to ourselves that our offender started. Likewise, we have no interest in getting it cleaned up. The thought of washing it would sacrifice more time away from it than we are willing to give.

We need to clean it up, let it go, and accept responsibility for it as though we were the only ones at fault. Only then will we find ourselves dressed in new clothes that our Lord has waiting and ready for us. 

Bitterness makes no sense, yet we like it. We must remember that it's not our only choice. Those food smudges and crayon marks show us that we've clearly let this go too far. 


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April 20, 2010
So true!!You are REALLY talented.Love you

Linda Hoffy
May 05, 2010
Fluffy...I love YOU! Even at 12, God continues to teach me through YOU!

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