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With a tight grip on the bright engine, she pushed her train across the hardwood floor. Being plastic, it was built to last. Up and over furniture, whipping around corners, she was taking this train for quite the ride. Never as concerned about the cars following behind, she was just assuming they were following without a problem.

Making too close of a turn around the corner, she lost her grip, and the train tumbled down the stairs. The engine might have been the first to land at the bottom, but the loyal cars were close behind, and followed at a fast pace. Running down to the rescue, she quickly and carefully reassembled her train, and was back on another adventure. 

I am the engine. Through each day I lead this train of six children. Whipping around corners, and climbing over furniture is an understatement for where our tracks lead us. I focus on where I'm going. My thoughts are often wrapped up in what's ahead, and what I'm dealing with.

If I'm not careful, I might forget that these cars are connected behind me. When I tumble, it's inevitable that I will be followed. It might not be immediate, but they will most definitely feel the turns, and the drops that I experience. We are connected. I am the engine.

Watching as my daughter cuts a corner too tight, I am reminded of the responsibilities that follow me. I can't pretend they aren't there, and won't feel the consequences of where I lead. Each of my children will feel any pain I experience, and each in their own way. As I look ahead, and behind me, I'm set for another adventure. My train was built to last. I count on that. 
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April 17, 2010
So true!!!!I understand what you are saying (:

April 19, 2010
Myfavorite story: The Bi-Polar Express!

Linda Hoffy
May 05, 2010
Ha! What a crazy privilege we have, eh?

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