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Ephesians 5:20
"Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

While wiping down the kitchen counters, I noticed a sticker on the floor. Bending down and scraping it off, my two year old came running in the kitchen shouting, "Holdju!" As she climbed on my back, my twelve year old walked in continuing a conversation we had been in an hour ago. Discussing who she should invite to the mall, my two year old was hanging from my neck. Walking slowly, but curiously through the kitchen, my six year old walked passed me as though he was definitely up to something.

After solving my twelve year olds dilemma, my seventeen year old hopped up the stairs announcing his hunger. Again, my six year old passed by me, but this time with only his pants on. My two year old, still clinging to my back like a monkey was now laughing hysterically. My nine year old asked a question about his report on Texas from around the corner as I finally had success with that sticker.

My fourteen year old daughter came and dropped a pile of books on the kitchen sink, and sat at the barstool. She began to explain the tales of her day. Off to the side, I noticed my six year old walking even slower through the kitchen, but this time, only in underwear with a mischievous smile across his face. I was noticing a pattern, one that would need to be stopped.

This wasn't an instance in my life, it is a picture of my life. Multitasking and multi-tracking are not options, they are survival techniques.

How should my heart be? Thankful. I've found that thankfulness is filling, just like how my kids fill my home, and my day. When I'm looking around, smiling, and thanking the Lord for all that surrounds and invades my space, there's simply no room for complaining or whining. 

My children don't leave much room for me to even have a thought of my own. Thankfulness is the same. It doesn't share space.

Standing in the middle of dreams, with a giggling monkey on my back, God is definitely up to something, and it is good.
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April 13, 2010
I LOVE THIS PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was reading it and laughing. BEEN THERE! You captured it beautifully. You know, my mom always said to me, "It's your own fault. That's what you get for being available to the children, for loving them, for being pleasant to be around, and for being kind to them." Also, once when I was studying to teach a women's Bible study, I found out that the Hebrew root for the word "mother" has to do with being the "hub of the wheel." Wow. it all rolls around you and because of you. Sounds like you in that kitchen. The reward to all of this is that our children "shall call [us] blessed." They will love is in our old age. Amen.

Wedding Photographer
April 14, 2010
Good one Lindoo. That was a great picture that you created there with all the kiddos around you. I have seen you there!

April 16, 2010
All of that is exactly what happens around here (: but you never complain yup are so amazing!!!!!

Linda Hoffy
May 05, 2010
Definitely standing in the middle of my dreams...

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