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It's not easy being twelve. The tales she brings home of the school day drama between her girlfriends is enough to fill a full length movie. Wondering why her friend said this or that, and being bothered that a call has not been returned, frustration overwhelms.

As I help her untangle the emotional confusion, I must admit to myself that I fall into the same temptation with my friends. It's easy to assume hurtful intentions on another. We even write full stories about our friends as if we know. How could we?

Like the old saying of having to wear someone's moccasins before we cast judgment, we just don't know.

God's grace can be used like a heavy quilt that can be tossed over our friendships.
Being covered in such warmth we don't need to be overwhelmed by any coldness.
Likewise, we can offer our friends a blanket of understanding as we stop searching for reasons.

His grace covers us, and we must offer the same love, regardless of our imaginations and insecurities. We simply don't know our friend's story, or their troubles.

It's hard to be twelve. Face it, it's hard to be a woman. As our Lord untangles our
emotional confusion, we can let Him cover us with His grace as we learn to do the
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April 11, 2010
First, this is a nice piece in its own right: Nice parallels, provoking thoughts about our daughters' lives as compared to our own, and interesting ideas about our own personal friendships. But what makes it especially good is that this piece comes from YOU, and you LIVE this. You always hang in there, being a loving, supportive friend. Honestly, reflections like this would be nauseating coming from an author who lacks your sincerity. Everyone thinks they are a great friend. YOU truly are. Coming from you, this is heart-warming and wise. Just sayin'.

April 12, 2010
Some day I would love to meet these ladies that post comments. They sound wonderful and have added so much to your life, Linda. You are a blessed woman in your home and with those that have the opportunity to be welcomed in it!!

Linda Hoffy
April 13, 2010
Ah Jennifer...I'm speechless. Thank you...AND, right back at you!
Kristie, you're right, I've been blessed. You have also been a special friend to me. So glad you enjoy my blog!

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