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She would pull out all the dishes, even the fancy ones. Stacks of cups, napkins, forks and spoons were spread across the sink. I knew when the tall coffee pot was pulled onto the sink, that a crowd would soon be arriving. The salad was always billowing from the bowl, and there were more dinner rolls than could ever be necessary stacked and ready to go.

They would love to come, and lingered so long because they didn't want to go. With mugs of hot coffee in their hands at the end of the evening, it was difficult to let it end. 

My mom knew how to throw a party. With tables everywhere, we were all made comfortable. Her laughter and good cheer  set the emotional thermostat and created an environment of joy.

I remember in my first year of marriage, I would look around our little one bedroom apartment and thought it could never be. Our table with only a few chairs could not possibly be enough. These concerns were matched by my insecurities of what was inside my refrigerator. Would anyone want to come over for a hot dog, or macaroni and cheese? I figured I had years to wait in order to qualify as a hostess.

I've come to realize, that it is enough. The size of my home, my cooking abilities, and the number of chairs is not why friends and family would want to come. Opening up my home, and offering joy and friendship is what blesses those around me. Inviting people over to share a meal, and a place to relax and laugh is good. Pushing away insecurities and excuses leave me wide open for others to be blessed as I serve and love them.

I don't want to be a thermometer checking the temperature of the warmth of my house, but the thermostat, setting the atmosphere. Serving my friends with fancy dishes, or paper plates, I want them to hold mugs of hot coffee in their hands, and find it difficult to leave. 

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April 09, 2010
Amazing!!!!!!You make our house feel comfortable,no matter if you try or not

Linda Hoffy
April 10, 2010
Ahhh, thank you for your comments. Let's pull out those plates and have a party!

April 10, 2010
Linda, this is embarrassing, but I've been making some of those excuses,,,even though my heart has wanted to invite folks over.
And your phrase to be the thermostat instead of the thermometer is a gem.....A jewel,,,,most profound.

April 10, 2010
I totally agree! (and it's never fancy dishes at my house!)

April 10, 2010
How true this is! Great thoughts on hospitality =)

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